What Is Highway Construction?

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What Is Highway Construction

Highway construction relates to various construction activities that are carried out on a highway. This consists of locating, supervising and mapping an area for a highway. It is a major part of civil engineering that is undertaken by professional companies, states and local communities.

The Ins and Out of Highway Construction

There are many steps involved in highway construction such as planning, project development, final design, right of way and construction. Once the construction of the highway is finished, a range of maintenance and operation activities are performed to keep the facility in good condition. 

The types of road construction vary and may include whitetopping roads, gravel roads, composite pavement roads, bituminous roads and polymer fiber reinforced concrete roads. 

Furthermore, each excavation includes a large array of steps like setting out corner benchmarks, survey for ground levels, survey for top levels, excavation to approved depth, dressing of loose soil, making up to cut off level, constructing dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches and marking the boundaries of the building.

However, there are a large array of issues that can arise during highway construction such as dust emission, loose surface soil particles and soil erosion. All of which can lead to delays when constructing a new highway.

In any case, the different stages of highway construction consist of preparation of the existing base course layer, application of tuck coat, preparation and placing of Premix, rolling, quality control of bituminous concrete construction and then the finished surface.

Onwards, heavy highway contractors exist to work on highways that require an extra amount of construction work. This involves the demolition, improvement, repair and construction of drainage systems, bridges, railroads, dams, runways or foundation streets.

Finally, the construction of a new highway is known as a highway project which includes citizen involvement, money, time and specialists in various areas.

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