The Best Civil Engineering Company in London

Civil Engineering
Best Civil Engineering Company in London

If you’re looking for the best civil engineering company in London, look no further than SB Civil Engineering. 

Our expert London civil engineers have outstanding expertise and numerous years of experience in section 278 highways, specialist drainage services, and sewer connection. We are one of the most reliable Thames Water Approved Contractors, and groundworks contractors in London.

Why We Are The Best Civil Engineering Company in London

As the best civil engineering company in London we put maximal effort into all of our projects and we are renowned for our outstanding work.

SB civil engineering offers something entirely different to our competition. We possess a passion and understanding for civil engineering that cannot be matched by other companies. All of our team are incredibly experienced and have worked on a large array of projects. Therefore, we possess the background to deliver sensational results to all our clients.

We are skilled in all areas of engineering such as reclamation, regeneration and infrastructure development and know the best course of action in local government, commercial and private developer sections.

We work closely with so many clients on many projects and take pride in offering excellent customer service.

Ever since we were formed we have done vast amounts of work in the highway sector in London as well as other sectors such as urban landscaping, urban regeneration, drainage, footpaths and traffic calming measures.

Additionally, its reputation as a dependable sewer connection contractor in London is second to none. We specialise in Thames Water Sewerage Connections and have worked with many high-profile brands across England.

The prowess of our services is extremely evident and this is why we are such a trusted organisation in the civil engineering industry. We have a spectacular reputation for our civil engineering services in London and our extremely beneficial services.

If you would like more information about our civil engineering company, call us on 01279 276 030 or send an email to

Civil Engineering