The Importance Of Drainage Surveys

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The Importance Of Drainage Surveys

Drainage surveys are essential to investigate the condition of your drainage system and identify any faults. Once the cause of the issue is found, drainage contractors can find a solution to fix it.

There can be a range of drainage problems such as blockage, pollution and poor flow rates. Therefore, these need to be treated promptly to avoid bigger issues down the line.

Apart from identifying drainage issues, surveys support construction projects, are a part of planned preventative maintenance and guide any work that is set to take place on pipe repairs or replacement.

In a nutshell, surveying drains is crucial to discover a large array of problems like structural issues that can cause fractures as well as blockages and breaches. Drainage surveys are necessary for a variety of properties such as residential, commercial, industrial, in addition to, rails and roads.

When Do You Need A Drainage Survey?

Trouble With Flushing Your Toilet

In residential properties, struggling to flush your toilet is a common indicator of drainage issues. This is especially the case if it still doesn’t flush even after plunging it. However, a normal working toilet should not need any plunging at all. In any case, a drainage survey will help identify what is causing the problem and the best solution.

Bubbles When Draining

When water is drained in a bathtub or sink there should be no bubbles. Otherwise, this is a sign that air is getting stuck which causes the bubbling. During a drainage survey, this will be tested with a few inches of water to see if any bubbles appear.

Water Is Coming Back Up

A drainage survey can also be used to see if water backs up. For example, when flushing the toilet there should be no unfamiliar sounds and the water should decrease in level. If the water is struggling to flow downwards this could indicate that it is trying to find a different way out due to a blockage below.

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