Tesco Lakeside – Minor Highways Works Essex

Client: Park Services (Midlands) Ltd Duration: 1 Week Value: £5,000

These civil engineering works were conducted to enable Tesco’s to have a new more efficient bank and cash system installed for on of their flagship stores.

The civil engineering project consisted mainly of trenching and ducting works.The required trench line was marked on the ground using contractors spray paint. The trench line was cut both sides in the store car park asphalt and access roads concrete to a depth of 100 mm, this was achieved.

Excavation in soft verge did not require any saw cutting or breaking out. The first 150 mm – 200 mm layer of top soil was set aside for re use when back filling began. Excavation was carried out by hand trial hole metho” first to establish the location and depth of any existing services. Upon completion of the excavation to the required depth a 500 mm deep shingle bed and surround was installed by ourselves working alongside the service installer.

Trench Reinstatement – All back fill material was compacted in 150 mm layers using a compactor plate. Trench reinstatement in verge continued up to finish ground level. The type 1 was spread and compacted in 150 mm layers until the desired level was achieved. On completion of the back fill procedure the specified asphalt/concrete finish was laid by hand to complete the works.