St Margaret’s Church – Anglian Water Sewer Connection Bedfordshire

Client: Newport Pagnell Construction Ltd Duration: 1 week Value: £12K - £15K

This new sewer connection was carried out in Bedfordshire for a property development company. They had to have the church which was now converted into flats connected onto the Anglian Water sewer system which was located on the other side of the road and included some cobbled reinstatement work.

Excavation:The trench line was cut both sides in the carriageway asphalt.Trench excavation was visually monitored by the site supervisor for stability to a maximum depth of 1.2 metres. Shoring was achieved by using hydraulic walers and aluminium frames.The top whalers and 4 end sheets were installed and secured to the guide frame. The remaining open faces on either side then have trench sheets placed interlocking along each side of the trench.

The excavation then proceed to the required depth using the dig and push method. A second set of whalers were installed at 1.5 metres from ground level and all sheets were firmly pushed/toed in. Excavation could then proceed to the required depth. The foul water connection was made via a pre-formed junction. The section of existing pipe was cut out. A preformed junction was placed along the existing sewer run and securely fixed suing Flexseal couplers.

Reinstatement – The type 1 was then spread and compacted in 150 mm layers until the desired level was achieved. The sheets and frames were pulled using the 3 Tonne excavator as the back fill procedure progresses. On completion of the back fill procedure of the trench the specified asphalt was laid by hand to complete the works. This completed the Anglian Water sewer connection.