Awe-inspiring features of Civil Engineering history

Civil Engineering

The World is full of amazing feats of civil engineering; we explore some of the best in this blog. Do you have a particular favourite example of civil engineering? Are you in awe of the Channel Tunnel or do you find the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco fascinating and wonder how these amazing structures begin life and start to take to shape? Ask the team at SB and opinion will be divided. We love all aspects of Civil Engineering, we’re proud of the projects we complete but are equally happy to take our hats off to amazing feats of engineering history that deserve all the accolades they receive. We thought we’d share a few examples with you in this next blog. Check this list out. It highlights some of our favourite feats of civil engineering.

Great Wall of China

Built over 2000 years ago by a number of different emperors, the Great Wall of China spans over 4,500 miles, is 25 ft tall and the width ranges from 15 – 30 ft.  Early records show that over 800,000 people were used during the construction of the wall, a mixture of soldiers and everyday people were set to work helping to build the battlement and it’s clearly visible from space!

The Pyramids

Great mystery surrounds the construction of the Pyramids. Over the years there has been much debate about how the great pyramid at Giza for example was built. How did the ancient Egyptians quarry the stones, move them and lay them into a pyramid shape? It’s a conundrum that leaves the modern world baffled. As civil engineering projects, this is one large scale development that has everyone scratching their head, especially when you consider the pyramids’ bases are totally horizontal and they are perfectly aligned with the stars.

Panama Canal

If you want a classic example of a civil engineering wonder you don’t have to look any further than the Panama Canal.  At 48 miles long, the Panama Canal links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, it was completed in 1914 and it’s a maritime wonder, when it was opened it sliced 14,000 miles off a trip around the Cape Horn.  The sheer size and scale of this engineering masterpiece takes your breath away, it must have been wonderful to work on a project of this size but equally as daunting as well. These are just a few of our favourite civil engineering feats from history. Hopefully some of the projects we work on in the future will leave a legacy of their own.

Civil Engineering