Five ways that your civil engineering business can go green

Civil Engineering

Think becoming eco-friendly is hard work? Think again. Here are five easy ways to go ‘green’ at work.

Here we aim to see projects through to completion in the most eco-friendly way possible. Because every business, no matter what industry it’s in, has a responsibility to the environment. A responsibility to do their bit and reduce the impact they’re having.

But running a business is a full time job. It takes time and money to employ ‘green’ practices, right?

Well we’ve put together a quick guide on how you can become more environmentally friendly the easy way.

Print less – First one up is to reduce your paper usage. Sure, you need to keep things documented. But do they always need printing off?

Invest in cloud storage software and keep your documents there. That way you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection (which is most places nowadays) and you won’t have to use lots and lots of paper.

Switch it off – Too many offices up and down the country finish up at 5 but leave their computers on overnight. When you’re clocking off, switch it off. It can reduce your energy usage in a big way, some studies suggest by up to 50%!

Recycle – The word ‘recycle’ is often thought synonymously with more work. But that shouldn’t be the case. A few strategically placed recycling bins around the office or onsite make recycling a stroll down the beach.

Encourage your employees to make use of the recycling methods available to them too.

Educate – One of the main reasons many businesses neglect eco-friendly practices is because they don’t understand the impact they have on the environment. And how a few small changes in their life could help in a big way. So educate your employees on the benefits and show them how easy it is!

Work alongside like minded businesses – Every business needs to work with another at some point. Perhaps you’re working with a contractor or you’re looking to have marketing materials printed. Whatever the reason, make sure that they work towards ‘green’ methods too.

Reducing your impact isn’t hard. It just takes a little prior planning. What are you waiting for? Go try it for yourself!

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