Private Residence Foul & Surface Water Sewer Connection – London

Client: Durtnells & Sons Duration: 2 Weeks Value: £15k - £25k

The Thames Water foul and surface water sewer connections we carried out were on behalf of R Durtnell & Sons Ltd, the oldest builders in the country working on a multi million private residence in north London.

Once the excavation had commenced and been completed, the new vitrified clay pipe for the sewer connection was laid and leveled on a bed of shingle. Then MOT type 1 was used to backfill the trench that was dug for the new sewerage connection and was compacted until at a desired level that the site supervisor and clients were pleased with. The final aspect of the civils works consisted of asphalt thast was laid over the type 1 and the road markings reinstated in accordance with the London Boroughs guidelines.

The two Thames Water sewer connections at this private residence were completed with the removal of the traffic management and washing down of the road.