Open Cut Sewer Connection for Thames Water – Soho London

Client: Soho House Duration: 2 Weeks Value: £10k - £25k

A combined lateral sewer connection had to be installed for our client SOHO House. Soho House is a private members club in London. Applications to the City of Westminster had to be made to seek permission to install this Thames Water combined sewer connection to enable the renovation of this private members club originally established in 1995 for people within the creative industries.

We marked out the area of the trench for the sewer connection during the excavation stage of the project, once marked we cut into the ground and began the excavation. This was a tight and confined back street in a mews setting and access to residential properties and businesses had to be maintained at all times.

Once the required depth was reached for the sewer connection the Thames Water compliant pipe installation proceeded. When we laid the pipe in its place we then added the shingle to level the trench. Then lastly onto the reinstatement process of the project. This was just Type 1 compacted into layers and asphalt rolled as per The City of Westminster’s Highways specifications.

The removal of the traffic management and handover back to the the client for completion of the renovation and extension works marked the end of this Thames Water combined sewerage connection in London..