Basement Excavation – Specialist Groundworks London

Ekins Builders (Private Residence)
Duration 26 Weeks
Valuation £175k - £225k
Project Overview
When we came in onto the basement construction project we installed 600mm thick pile mats. These piles came in male and female, we were required to connect these or make sure they ‘bit’ together correctly.
We maintained their vertical structure as per instruction. The clients site supervisors were pleased with the task completion overlook. The next phase of the basement construction then consisted of the excavation for the shaft, shoring was included in this project using double acting hydraulic walers and HY6 trench sheets.
This assisted when SB Civil Engineering then installed the necessary frame work for the excavation, once the depth of the shaft was reached the pumping station was lowered into the shaft and then pumped concrete into the specified areas required. The completed basement construction was of such a size that it was to act as a self contained flat.