Addlestone Morrisons Store – Specialist Groundworks London

Client: Stacey Construction Duration: 5 Weeks Value: £175K - £225K

SB Civil Engineering were awarded these works to this Morrison Store in Addlestone London on behalf of Stacey Construction.

We installed a new drainage system and pipes, once we had installed these backfilling commenced. Once we had backfilled the new system was tested and approved. SB Civils then begun the steel installation of the ring beams and then finished with the slab on top.

Lastly we began the concrete placement, this is one continuous pour into one placement which is specified in the programme for the project. As a diligent civils contractor once the pour was completed test cubes would be cut so the strength can be examined to ensure the pour was successful, which it was.

This completed the civil engineering groundworks package that we were awarded for this Morrisons branch in London.