Sewer Works: How Our Civil Engineering Team Can Help

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Sewer Works: How Our Civil Engineering Team Can Help

Effective sewer management is essential for environmental protection and public health and safety. At SB Civils we offer a comprehensive range of sewer works. We have years of experience working on sites across London and we’re Thames Water and Anglian Water approved contractors.

If you need sewer works in London, here’s a brief look at the services we can offer.

Sewer Diversions and Connections

If you need to divert existing sewer lines to accommodate new building works, or you need to establish new connections, our team can help. Our sewer works involve minimal disruption and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Timber Headings and Deep Drainage

We offer timber heading and deep drainage works, setting up your sewers with stability and efficiency. Even at the most challenging depths, our team of civil engineers can help.

Surface Water Drainage Schemes

Managing surface water is essential, if left unchecked it can cause flooding and waterlogging. Our surface water drainage schemes are designed to effectively capture, channel and manage surface water, to protect nearby infrastructure and properties.

Flood Alleviation Works

Flooding can cause extensive damage and disruption. Our sewer works can involve comprehensive flood alleviation. We can design and construct flood defences, protecting your property or building site from the impact of flooding.

Waste Treatment Installation

Proper waste treatment is essential. It maintains public health and environmental standards, and it also ensures you are compliant with regulations. Our civil engineers have experience installing waste treatment facilities, on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Pipeline CCTV and Inspection Surveys

Regular inspection and maintenance is the only way to keep on top of your sewer system’s health. Our pipeline CCTV and inspection surveys offer insight into the condition of your pipeline, so you can keep on top of repairs and maintenance.

Sewer Jetting Services

Blockages can disrupt sewer systems, causing a whole headache of troubles. We use high-pressure jets to clear drain blockages, keeping sewers in good working order.

Why Choose SB Civils?

Established in 2005 as a partnership we have grown to become a leading regional contracting business underpinned by a foundation of excellence now trading as SB Civil Engineering Ltd.

Our team has a wealth of experience with simple and complex sewer and drainage systems, and we’ve worked on projects of all sizes. This means the drain specialists at SB Civils are well-equipped to deal with a wide array of drainage problems, no matter how challenging the task.

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