What Is Urban Landscaping?

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What Is Urban Landscaping?

Urban landscaping is a process where a piece of land is transformed into a green area with an abundance of plants, trees and other aspects of nature. 

When planning urban landscaping, designers must ensure that the space they are reconstructing is still practical. This is crucial as most projects will occur near a range of urban features such as sidewalks, lights and buildings. Therefore, there is less space and a designer must be wary of any obstructions.

As a result, urban landscaping is more detailed and comprehensive than other types of landscaping. Apart from a landscape designer, other professionals like surveyors, conservationists and horticulturalists need to work together to produce the best result.

The initial plan involves the designers identifying any issues in the area and then outlining a design. After this, a concept plan is drafted which portrays the placement, topography and borders for the end product.

Preliminary designs or draft designs decide where plants, shrubs and trees will be placed. Not to mention, key factors such as the area getting enough sunlight, the climate and the other structures that are already in that space.

Another part of urban landscaping is hardscaping. This is the method of installing fences, gazebos and natural rock that allow plant locations to be well organized.

Examples Of Urban Landscaping

Vertical Landscaping

This is a phenomenal strategy for promoting greenery in urban spots like neighbourhoods and big cities. You can place plants on the side of buildings where nature thrives. Plus, a bit of greenery on buildings can brighten up the area.

Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardening is perfect for cities that are already making steps towards a greener environment. Aspiring gardeners can use these rooftop spaces to grow a variety of plants, trees, vegetables and flowers. So these rooftop gardens add a healthy hobby while vastly enhancing the aesthetics of an urban area.

Community Gardening

Another simple way to increase nature is to create small community gardens where everyone has access. Members of the city can come there to plant their flowers which can create a beautiful area over time.

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