The Importance Of Regular Highway Renewal

Highway Renewal
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Have you ever wondered where all that road tax goes? Ever get curious about how our motorways are kept in such good condition?

Well, the fact of the matter is that if we want to keep our roads at their best then regular highway renewal is a basic necessity. But how do roads get so damaged over time? And what exactly is highway renewal?

Here at SB Civils, highway renewal is one of the biggest responsibilities we take on and today we’d like to talk you through how it works.

Problematic Potholes

It all starts with potholes. Every road develops potholes over time, it’s just an unavoidable fact. Although the materials we use to make roads have improved over the years, every road in the country, from narrow lanes to the M1 itself, experiences wear and tear over the course of its lifetime and councils/local highway maintenance authorities are responsible for ensuring that highway renewal happens in a timely and effective manner.

That being said, there is a clear and obvious need to prioritise some roads over others. Roads with higher levels of traffic – especially large-scale haulage – will experience far more wear and tear over the years. On the other hand, motorways are generally built to a higher standard and designed to withstand more of a beating. Not only is the layer of asphalt thicker but the roads are built with a flatter cross-section, reducing vehicle impact.

Nonetheless, highway renewal is still vital for ensuring that the country can keep progressing. Our highways are vital to jobs, transport networks, and supply chains up and down the country and if they’re not well-kept, then this could have a knock-on effect on millions of people.

Keeping Our Roads Running Smoothly

At this point, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is that we do. Well, the answer can vary from job to job but it generally comes down to two categories: maintenance and upgrades.

Highway maintenance is largely about fixing those problems that have built up over the years. This means potholes, paint, and verifying the continued stability of a number of bridges and junction points. Highway maintenance jobs can be quite small or they can be weeks worth of work depending on the situation.

Upgrades, on the other hand, can be anything from improving the road surface to adding whole new lanes. Oftentimes, highway upgrades are about keeping our old highways in line with modern standards and changes to the law.

It might not sound as flashy as some other areas of local investment, but here at SB Civils, we believe that highway renewal is one of the most important things we can invest in to keep our country running smoothly.

Highway Renewal