The Benefits Of Microtunneling

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The Benefits Of Microtunneling

Microtunneling is a digging technique used in construction that strives to make the pipe jacking method remotely controlled. Due to the complex techniques involved, the microtunneling process does not require open trenches for pipe laying. As a result, there is less damage to the rest of the community.

How Is Microtunneling Good For The Environment?

Much Cleaner

Microtunneling is less harmful to the environment because it consists of a much cleaner process. The various techniques used during microtunneling ensure that the amount of ingoing and outgoing materials is decreased. This is less harsh on the surrounding environment and is much safer for the workers on the construction site.

Less Destructive To The Environment

Due to the microtunneling procedure consisting of a remotely-controlled steerable system to install pipes, it only needs a small tunnel boring machine. This is significantly less destructive to the environment when compared to traditional open-cut construction.

Environmentally-Friendly Extraction Systems

The microtunneling method includes a vacuum extraction system which promotes a cleaner environment. This also provides support to the ground by employing a pipe jack system approach. Hence, by using vacuum extraction systems, the setup footprint of the work site is greatly reduced.

Safer Process

Microtunneling is one of the safest underground construction processes when combined with pipe jacking techniques. Usually, open-cut construction has to follow existing pipe utilities and roadways. However, the microtunneling process provides a modern type of construction that protects the environment rather than damaging it.

Historically, constructing utilities within busy areas through natural barriers has led to serious environmental concerns. But the majority of construction companies are now actively looking for ways to reduce the disturbance to the surrounding environment as much as possible.

So microtunneling is an example of a trenchless method that keeps workers in construction safe and reduces damage to the environment.

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