SB Civils Join the Civil Engineering Contractors Association

Civil Engineering

Representative Body for Civil Engineering Contractors in Great Britain

CECA Members Construct and Maintain National Infrastructure

SB Civils join CECA (Southern)

The industry is an integral part of the economy & CECA members construct & maintain national infrastructure which is fundamental to the social & economic wellbeing of the country.

The civil Engineering Association is the representative body for civil engineering contractors in Great Britain. CECA comprises a national body and eight regional associations, including Scotland and Wales. These provide regular liaison with local and regional clients, local and regional government, the devolved administrations and other bodies whose activities impact on our members.

The Regional CECA Associations work closely with CECA National, setting policy through a variety of policy committees and representative fora, mostly chaired by member contractors. This gives CECA a strong, authoritative voice on behalf of our members and our industry.

We are delighted to have joined!

Civil Engineering