New Sewer Connection – Documentation Required

Drainage & Sewer Works

House extensions, new domestic builds, development of a commercial property these are some examples of where you may need a new sewer connection installed.

If you have a new property and mains drainage (foul or storm water) is available then it is likely that you will require a sewer connection. As most sewers are in the public highway any excavation will come under The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. This is better known as a Section 50 form which we as your chosen contractor we can apply for through the council and provide all the relevant documentation relieving you of added stress.

Contact the Sewerage Undertaker in your area and apply for your consent to connect letter (permission to connect to the sewer and what connection you need) and also Asset Searches (plan of the site, where the main sewer is and location of manholes).

Below I have listed the necessary documents required for a sewer connection and luckily we can obtain all these on your behalf:

  •  Highway Licences for;
    • Road opening permits.
    • Section 50 licences.
    • Road closure permits.
    • Completed works certificates.
  • Method statement and risk assessments specific to the task.
  • Traffic management including diversion plans.

We offer options of construction work which other contractors may not which gives us the best opportunity to take on any task.

  • Construction work, including;
    • Open cut traditional method.
    • Timbered heading trenchless tunnelling.

Make sure you have your consent to connect letter and asset search drawings, these are key to the installation of a sewer connection and will be requested of you by any contractor you enquire to.

Drainage & Sewer Works