Contacting your Sewerage Undertaker for Sewer Connection

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When you need to apply to The Sewerage Undertaker for a Sewer Connection – What you need?

If you are currently in the process or planning on works on residential, commercial or industrial buildings you made need to be aware of the sewers and if you require a connection to be made, this especially occurs on new builds.

There are two connection types –

Direct Sewer Connection – A connection made directly to the public sewer by physically breaking into the pipe/manhole or by constructing a new manhole on the public sewer. – More likely!

Indirect Sewer Connection – A connection made to an existing private drain/sewer that is already connected to the public sewer.

To find out what connection you will be required to have you need to contact the Sewerage Undertaker – this is the Water Company responsible for providing a sewerage service within your area.

The Main two are –

Anglian Water or Thames Water.

These can also provide all the necessary documentation you need for the contractors you are planning or looking into hiring.

These consist of your consent to connect letter, this allows you to determine which connection you are required to have and if you have permission to connect to it. Then you will also need an Asset Search drawing which shows you the sewer mains and manhole locations. This is more for the contractors to locate where they need to dig and connect the new pipe.

This is important to remember as retrieving these documents can be time consuming so to apply for them as early as possible would be the best thing to do.





Drainage & Sewer Works