London Timber Heading for Thames Water Sewer Connection

Drainage & Sewer Works

Civil Engineering Contractor Engaged to Sink Shaft & Drive Timber Heading in London for Thames Water Sewer Connection. Deep Drainage Works. London Sewer Connections.

We were engaged as a civil engineering contractor by Buxton School in London to connect them onto the existing London trunk sewer. Connecting to the sewer was of paramount importance to the school to enable them to open the doors of their new building to their new students at the start of the term.

Our timber heading and sewer connection division used the following sewer works method to connect onto the Thames Water sewer:

  • Saw-cut asphalt for drive shaft excavation to get to correct depth for the sewer connection
  • Excavate drive shaft 5m for the timber heading
  • Shoring of the drive shaft excavation is required for safety due to the depth
  • Concrete blinding is applied to the shaft base to ease the drive of the timber heading
  • Drive timber heading beneath carriageway to connect to the Thames Water Utilities sewer dispose of spoil
  • Core drill 100mm diameter hole, in 450mmØ Thames Water trunk sewer for connection
  • Install a 100mm saddle onto TW trunk sewer
  • Install 100mm diameter vitrified clay pipe including rockers and butt pipes
  • C20 Concrete hand packing to heading including of shuttering.
  • Construct Type A manhole 1200mmØ inclusive of 100mmØ external backdrop connection to suit site levels, concrete surround, brickwork, inclusive of D400 cover & frame
  • MOT Type 1 backfill to drive shaft voids, following construction of demarcation backdrop manhole.

London sewer connection completed.

Drainage & Sewer Works