Corporate Responsibility

Civil Engineering

We recognize its business activities and summarizes these through the business mantra S.P.E.E.D & Community. We have an immediate impact on the communities in which we operate and conduct our projects. There is a wider implication on society at large and we are committed to being a considerate company.  

Below S.P.E.E.D & Community guides in its business conduct, we consider it critical that we work in accordance with these values to maintain our reputation and our relationship of trust with all who come into contact with us. 

Safety & Health

We recognize that many hazards are inherent in the Construction Industry.But, through sound, reasonable safety practices accidents can be eliminated. The ethical and moral value of working safely is of great importance to the management of this company.We will:

    • Be firmly committed to creating a safe working environment on all company work sites.
    • Identification of and adherence to safe work practices to be followed during, and until its completion.
    • Health and safety are among the first considerations of every project.
    • It is the company’s policy to operate in accordance with a documented and independently accredited Safety Management System complying with the requirements of HS(G) 65 “Successful Health and Safety Management.”
    • Promote and maintain policies on safety & health which will ensure best practices and a philosophy of continuous improvement;
    • Maintain quality assurance accreditation to BSI ISO 9001:2008;
    • Ensure that all employees are competent and adequately trained;
    • Measure, review and monitor our key performance indicators. 


We aim to be the employer of choice in our area and sector. To meet this aim we will:

  • Provide a safe and enjoyable place to work;
  • Host regular job chats to ensure good communication;
  • Treat employees honestly and fairly, ensuring that dignity at work and mutual respect are enshrined in our working practices and the way we behave towards each other;
  • Continue to work towards out Investor ion People accreditation;
  • Encourage personal development;
  • Maintain clear disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • Provide appropriate and comprehensive training;
  • Promote and encourage consultation and the involvement of employees in the determination and direction of our working practices. 

People Cont…(Suppliers)

We aim to get the highest quality of product, service and value from our supply chain while encouraging our suppliers to abide by the principles of our SB-0027 Contractor Competencies. To ensure that this is the case we will:

  • Have approved suppliers listed (SB-0078) for all to see in the business;
  • Score each supplier with regards to their merits;
  • Ask for annual updates with regards to their green credentials, quality assurances and insurances;
  • Promote strategic partnerships with our major suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Vet all suppliers before conducting business with them;
  • Where possible, seek to use local, regional small businesses that reflect the diversity of the community. 

People Cont…..(Clients)

We desire to prove that we can provide the best service and the best finished product, at a competitive price, in order for our clients to attain their goals. We have rigorously implemented a program of continual improvement which culminates in our Client Satisfaction Review (SB-0022). In order to build relationships of trust and confidence we will:

    • Maintain quality assurance accreditation BSI ISO 9001:2008;
    • Clearly communicate or KPI’s and quality policy to all;
    • List monitor and respond to communications from interested external parties;
    • Communicate with customers and listen to their views;
    • Adapt and change to meet the demands of the works project requirements;
    • Work openly and honestly with the client and other groups participating in the project. 


It is the Company’s policy to operate in accordance with our high levels of corporate responsibility. In order to achieve this, we adhere to ISO14001:2004 and is committed to the following:

    • Maintain an environmental management system accredited to BSI ISO 14001:2004;
    • Follow our environmental policy (SB-0034);
    • Seek to reduce waste through monitoring waste flow by month, year and project. Ensure that reduce, reuse and recycle practices are applied;
    • Actively reduce pollution produced during our business processes. 

Ethics (Business)

We will conduct our business legally, honourably and ethically. At all times we will:

    • Trade and compete fairly and always obtain business through fair and legal practice;
    • Not tolerate any member of the company offering or being offered, any form of bribe or inducement;
    • Report financial information in a clear, complete, accurate, honest and timely manner;
    • Treat our customers, suppliers and stakeholders as we would wish to be treated. 


The objective is to maintain operational standards so that all its employees and employment applicants are treated equally, irrespective of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, gender reassignment, marital status or ethnic origin. Employees are instructed to ensure the following:

    • Ensure our policy on equal opportunities (SB-0032) is rigorously implemented at all levels within the company;
    • Aim to develop a diverse workforce that reflects the community we work in;
    • Tolerate no discrimination on any basis. 


We recognize that a responsible, sustainable corporate performance is essential to the long term success of our business and desirable to all of our stakeholders. We recognize that its activities have an immediate impact on the communities in which we work. We will minimize that impact by adopting the behaviours laid down under our corporate governance. We will therefore:

  • Aim to be courteous, considerate and thoughtful, strive to be a good neighbour;
  • Allow all to express their views to us in the form of communication, compliments or complaints;
  • Engage in a constructive dialogue and wherever possible work in partnership with the community;
  • We support the development of local businesses and we use local people and other local resources wherever possible;
  • We support local communities in which we work through charitable contributions;
  • Respect and acknowledge local cultural and religious needs;
  • Respond promptly to enquiries from interested parties and provide relevant information regarding our activities.
Civil Engineering