Civil Engineering in London: Our Work At SB Civils

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Civil Engineering in London: Our Work At SB Civils

As a highly experienced team of civil engineers in London, here at SB Civils, we’ve worked on a huge range of projects including drainage & sewer works, highways, section 278, and specialist groundworks. Today we thought we’d take a look back at three of our completed projects in London and the surrounding area to give you a better idea of the work we do and the challenges we tackle daily.

Beddington, Sutton – Three Lane Highway

Valued at £650k-£850k, this construction of a new three-lane highway in Beddington took twelve weeks to complete. The road now facilitates traffic between a public highway and a new Energy Recovery Facility.

This project is relatively typical of many of our section 278 jobs, requiring a team with a detailed understanding of all the relevant laws and regulations. Because the road connects with an existing public highway, all these requirements must be met as a matter of public safety and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

St Albans, Hertfordshire – Double Sewer Construction

The construction of two new sewer connections for the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Hertfordshire is an excellent example of a job that came with unique challenges of its own.

Connecting the hospital’s surface and foul water sewer systems had to be done via tunnelling beneath the road, so as not to disrupt the flow of ambulances in and out of the hospital. Although these kinds of logistical challenges are not uncommon, they can quickly spiral into nightmares if not dealt with by an experienced team of civil engineers in London.

The project was valued at £100k-£150k and took 9 weeks to complete.

Chelmsford, Essex – Network Rail Depot

The Chelmsford Network Rail Depot required extensive groundworks and concrete slab pours. The work took 14 weeks to complete and was valued at £475k-£550k.

This depot is a great example of the sheer complexity of some of the projects we’re able to take on, combining multiple types of civil engineering. Fortunately, because we work on such a broad range of projects, we’re able to take on work like this without any concerns. Put simply, we’ve got the experience to get the job done.

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