RSPB Access Road & Coach Drop Off – Wallasea Island Essex

Duration 6 Weeks
Valuation £100k - £150k
Project Overview

SB Civil Engineering were engaged as an experienced highways contractor to install an access road and coach drop off point to the newly created bird sanctuary at Wallasea Island that the RSPB are running. the sanctuary is being built from land reclaimed from the Crossrail project in London. to date over 100 million tonnes of earth has been relocated to this area from the tunneling work.

The objective was to construct an access road with a coach drop off point that connected the existing road network to the new bird sanctuary. Initially the works had to be excavated to allow placement of the sub base.On completion of excavation and compaction of type 1 fill, a combination of flexible and rigid road forms were place to the correct line and level to form the new road. A layer of 1200 gauge polythene was placed over the type 1 before the concrete was laid for the new access road. Sheets of A252 mesh were placed inside the road forms on 135mm wire hystool spacers over the top of the 1200 gauge damp proof membrane. The mesh was overlapped by a minimum of 300mm and all mesh was fixed to strengthen the access road using tying wire. The concrete for the road was leveled and compacted using a twin beam vibrating tamp. The concrete road and coach drop off received a wire brush finish when completed. The necessary signage and road markings were then be applied.

All concrete for the new access road was given 7 days to cure before any traffic could drive over the new concrete. The new access road and coach drop off point was be handed back and our client the RSBP were delighted with the finished highways project.