Thames Water Basement Sewer Connection – Greenwich London

Client: Rees Mellish Consultants Duration: 3 Weeks Value: £25k - £50k

SB Civil Engineering carried out a saddle connection to a Thames Water trunk sewer via timber heading in Greenwich London on behalf of Rees Milesh. The works included shaft excavation in an existing basement, timber heading tunnelling and connection to the Thames Water Sewer.

Once the shaft excavation for the new sewerage connection had been completed a timber frame was installed to form the entrance of the heading (starting frame). This frame was constructed from a 225 x 100 x 1200 head tree, 225 x 100 x 1200 side trees and a 225 x 75 x 1200. Once the starting frame was fixed, plumb and true tunneling to the existing sewer in the highway proceeded by hand, using hand held compressed air driven spades and picks. As the excavation of the heading proceeds, rails were laid on the floor of the heading to cart the muck out. The new 150mm diameter sewer pipe was laid on C30 SR concrete to line and level the remaining area. The existing lateral sewer pipe, laid by others, was connected to the new clay sewer pipe entering the shaft using Band seals and received a concrete bed and surround.

Once the  thames water trunk sewer connection had been completed the timber heading was packed with concrete and the sewer pipe terminated within the clients property boundary. This timber heading allowed the new block of flats to be connected under the existing road and meant that the tfl road network didn’t have to be disrupted at considerable cost to the client.