Hall Lane Drainage Scheme – Pitsea Essex

Client: Ringway / Essex County Council Duration: 6 Weeks Value: £50,000 > £100,000

We won the civl engineering drainage contract to install a new a footpath to improve the access for public foot traffic and cycle traffic to the Watt Tyler county park Essex.

Due to the suspected habitat of The Great Crested Newt in a near by pond working closely with the Wildlife Trust Essex County Council and erecting a newt fence enabled us to carry out the drainage work to programme whilst obeying all relevant legislation thus helping protect our endangered wildlife.

The Essex based drainage works involved piping 43 meters of existing ditch with 750mm diameter twinwall pipe. Four catch pit chambers were constructed along the pipe run using 2.4 meter diameter concrete rings to a maximum depth of 2.2 meters. Due to the number of inlet pipes in one drainage chamber the top ring was cast in situ. The drainage ditch was then filed and compacted using 6F1 fill and conventional footway construction methods were applied to create over 120 meters of new footway/cycleway which was surfaced using a mini paver.

Other works within our Essex groundworks package included the installation of a zebra crossing, kerbing, tactiles, and new street lighting.