5 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Civil Engineering Company

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Civil Engineering Company

In the construction world, choosing the right civil engineering company makes a big difference. 

Whether you’re planning a new build or looking for Section 278 works, partnering with a trustworthy and reliable civil engineering company is essential. 

However, choosing that company is a bit of a challenge. If you need help choosing a civil engineering company for your next project, here are 5 questions to ask, to help you make a better decision.

“What Experience Do You Have?”

Asking about the company’s experience is a good starting point.

Ask the civil engineering company about their portfolio of past projects. Pay particular interest to projects that are similar to your requirements. Get an idea of their past successes, and challenges, for an insight into their capabilities and suitability for your contract.

“Do You Specialise In A Specific Area?”

Civil engineering is such a broad field, with so many different disciplines involved. Ask the civil engineering company what their specialist area is, to check it aligns with your project needs.

“Can You Provide Testimonials?”

Testimonials are a great way to get a feel for a civil engineering company. You should be able to check reviews on Google or Check A Trade. Or if you want to go one step further, some civil engineering companies might be happy to put you in contact with a previous client, so you can ask specific questions about job success, customer service, etc.

“How Do You Manage Budgeting”

Budget and cost escalations can quickly derail meticulously planned projects. So, it is important to discuss the civil engineering company’s approach to budgeting and cost management upfront.

Get a good idea of their pricing structure, potential expenses and how they plan to manage costs. A good civil engineering company will be honest and upfront about costs from the get-go. This will boost your confidence, minimising the chances of nasty surprise bills!

“Do You Use Sustainable Practices?”

Sustainability and environmental concerns are high on some client’s priority lists. If you want to keep an eye on your footprint, ask the civil engineering company about their commitment to sustainable practices such as green design principles, energy efficiency and responsible resource sourcing.

Choosing The Right Civil Engineering Company

Choosing the right civil engineering company requires a bit of research and due diligence. It’s worth putting this time in, as it will make a huge difference to the outcome of your project.

If you want to find out more about SB Civil Engineering, just get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer your questions.


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