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SB Civil Engineering Contractors is one of the foremost civil engineering businesses in Hertfordshire. With almost a decade of experience we’ve grown to become a leading regional contracting business focusing on not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients throughout every step of the construction and engineering processes.

We’re proud to have won contracts with a range of reputable and successful brands, and institutions across the county, and beyond. The prowess of our services is unquestioned, and for this reason we have grown to be one of the foremost names in the industry.

We offer a wealth of different services. From drainage to urban regeneration, ground works to railway civil engineering, we have the experience to cater for an expansive range of construction and engineering requirements.

Over the coming weeks and months we intend to share a wealth of interesting and engaging information about our diverse sector. You really can’t afford to miss out on reading one of our posts!

The best way to sum up ourselves is through our mantra – SPEED and Community. As a considerate business we are committed to acting responsibly and with consideration for the wider community.


As a business we understand that hazards may well be inherent in the construction industry. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of safety. This way we can eliminate any potential for accidents.

We endeavour to be an employer of choice in our sector. As a business we invest in people, providing employee’s with a fun and engaging place to work.

We have a policy to operate in accordance within our high levels of corporate responsibility. We adhere to ISO14001:2004 standards.

We promise to conduct ourselves in an ethical, honourable and legal manner. This includes every aspect of our business from trading to accurately reporting financial information.

Finally, we will maintain fair and equal employment standards for all of our employees.

We recognise that responsible and sustainable corporate performance is essential to achieve long term success. We also appreciate that our work directly impacts communities. We will operate in a responsible manner.

To find out more information about us, please feel free to browse our website.


Civil Engineering