Building Better Roads: Why Highway Services Are So Important

Section 278 works and highways
Building Better Roads: Why Highway Services Are So Important

Good infrastructure is at the heart of any country’s economy and the backbone of infrastructure is high-quality, long lasting roads. That’s why here at SB Civils, we take an immense pride in all our Section 278 works and highways. That being said, many people seem to have misconceptions about what exactly Section 278 works are and how highway maintenance helps to keep this country running.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the legal side of section 278 and how highway maintenance approval works as well as why we believe it’s one of the most important civil engineering jobs there is.

What Are Section 278 Works?

The bulk of our work here at SB Civils comes under the heading ‘Section 278 works and highways’. Put simply, this means that a local council will contract us under the Highways Act of 1980 to make changes to a stretch of highway.

Now, it’s worth noting that a section 278 agreement on its own is only a part of the legal process of organising highway repairs and maintenance, but it’s the part that allows non-government contractors to take on the work.

Why Section 278 Works and Highways Are So Important

When we’re contracted for Section 278 works and highway maintenance, our client is, in a broad sense, the public. After all, the work is being paid for by the council and is therefore coming from taxpayer money.

Naturally we feel that this places a huge priority on the quality of our work. Not only are we working for the public, but our work has a direct impact on both local and national economies.

How Better Roads Improve The Economy

In the digital age, when so much of our lives takes place online, it can be easy to forget just how vital transportation is for making the country function. Over the last few years, as the lingering effects of the pandemic have taken their toll on global shipping, we’ve all seen just how damaging transportation delays can be. This same logic applies right up from local to international scales. If transport routes break down, the knock on effect is tremendous.

Not to mention how damaging traffic jams alone can be. For some people it might just mean a little lost productivity as employers are late coming and going from work, but for others – such as those relying on a working ambulance service – it can really make an impact.

All this to say that we take our Section 278 works and highway maintenance very seriously because without good roads, it’s impossible to keep the country running smoothly.

Section 278 works and highways