Hertford – Thames Water Sewer Connection Hertfordshire

Client: Ekins Builders Duration: 1 Week Value: £10,000

This small civils works package was awarded to ourselves on behalf of Ekins Builders. They required a new Thames Water sewer connection to be made to a residential property.

All excavation for the sewer connection was carried out using the 3 tonne excavator. Spoil was taken into the main site/development and tipped as directed by Ekins Builders site manager ready for a later collection by 8 wheel grab lorry.

Excavation for the sewer connection proceeded to the required depth until the main foul sewer pipe had been located. Excavation of the trench was visually monitored to a depth of 1.2 m. At this depth standard lap trench sheets and timber frames were installed by competent operatives.  When the shoring was securely in place the excavation proceeded and completed.

Then the new vitrified clay pipe for the sewer connection was laid to line and levelled on a shingle bed and surrounded until the Thames Water demarcation chamber location was reached. The new Thames Water demarcation chamber was constructed using 900 mm diameter concrete segments.

The type 1 was spread and compacted in 150 mm layers until the desired level was achieved. The specified asphalt was laid by hand and compacted. All works were inspected by a Thames water engineer prior to back filling. This completed the Thames Water sewer connection.