BBMV Cross Rail – London Basement Works

Client: BBMV (Crossrail) Duration: 2 Weeks Value: £75K - £80K

Crossrail is the largest civil engineering project underway in Europe, and is prestigious to be involved with. SB Civils have completed many works on the Crossrail project. This particular project involved the breakout of a subterranean basement to enable works for the new station at London Liverpool Street.

Prior to any concrete breakout the dust extraction system were in place. The extraction fans were set up evenly throughout the basement area. The extraction ducting was laid along the floor of the basement and taken up through the sky light where it was fixed at the highest point possible to aid in not polluting the air at street level. Continuous monitoring of the basement ventilation was carried out whilst work was in progress.

The Brokk 180 is a remote controlled robotic concrete breaking machine powered uses a 110v 32 amp electric supply. The Brokk 180 was situated within the basement. The Brokk was used to break out large areas of the concrete floor slab into manageable sized pieces, an electric hand held breaker was used to carry out all works close to the walls and foundation. Breaking out was only be carried out at night, as instructed by BBMV.

The conveyor belt took the spoil to a 1.5 M3 Rock skip located under the sky light. The spoil was loaded into a skip, once full the skip bottom man handed over to the banksman for safe removal, the banksman directed the crane to lift the skip out of the basement, the skip bottom man stayed in communication with the banksman until the skip had exited the basement and been removed from overhead. The skip was returned to the basement under the same procedure for removal.

Placement of concrete was under the direction of BBMV. Concrete and equipment to place the concrete were supplied by BBMV. Concrete finishes were directed by BBMV. Concrete levels were issued by BBMV. The completion of these works enabled the commencement of the new escalator for the new tube station.